Little anecdotes (more or less real life) & fashion coups de coeur and such.

To start off, only in my mothertongue, Dutch.
Might be I’ll add some categories and/or languages along the way.

Music was my first love.

But I also love languages, books (in all said languages), fashion and make-up, electronic gadgets and my Walkman (a real Sony, yes sir).

I like to think I’m the architect of my own reality. But I’m also an eternal student (until I get to finish them two masterpapers).

People say I’m a dreamer (but I’m not the only one -that’s another famous line). On the other hand, sometimes I see things very realistically, especially when it concerns someone else’s situation -people tend to call that pessimism. That’s okay.

Nothing is ever black or white. Life is more complicated than that. I like to believe that I myself am full of contradictions.


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