What comes around

A trip down nostalgia lane. I have always thought of myself as some kind of grunger. A rock fan, at most. Yesterday I stumbled across this link on emo kids. It made me grin. I never followed all the rules. But My Chemical Romance has been the soundtrack to a part of my life. And that last point: no, I wasn’t emo. Just being myself. Enough said.

I guess I have always loved rock – and Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam even more – with a little subgenre here and there on the sideline. Take Ill Niño.

The anger. Numbing it away by blasting this through the stereo/headphones (I’m sorry, dad, to have put you trough my (nu)metal period. I can’t help but occasionally still love it – you’ll find proof in one of my previous posts about Portuguese music).

Those little bits and pieces in Spanish in between – the reason I started learning Spanish (and subsequently fell head over heels for the language, even though it took me another couple of years to realize). Even back when I didn’t understand a word, I preferred the Spanish versions of their songs over the English ones.

I’m sure everyone can relate, in his/her own way?

 I don’t wanna shine
Light will make us blind
I don’t wanna feel unreal
(Ill Niño)

Learning how to love me, pt. XXXI

Learning how to love me, pt. XXXI


4 thoughts on “What comes around

    • Dank je! & ja, lang geleden (toen Ill Niño er speelde, ik denk een jaar of 10). Eerlijkheidshalve moet ik toegeven dat ik tegenwoordig een beetje gekalmeerd ben wat dat betreft en dat zo’n festival met harde metalen mij niet meer zo aanspreekt 😉 Dat gezegd zijnde: Ill Niño blijft goed 😀 En eigenlijk zou ik graag dit jaar toch gegaan zijn: Alice in Chains & Soundgarden! Nuja, thesisperikelen beslisten er anders over. Gelukkig is er altijd nog een volgende keer 🙂

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