Shakira & Gerard Piqué

You guys. Tell me how this kid can EVER come out looking ugly. Seriously.

(source: Facebook)

Also, I might just go back to listening to Shak in heavy rotation (I’m quite the hardcore fan of some of her spanish songs). After I finish my session of drowning my ears in the sweet, sweet music that is to be found on the Singles Official Soundtrack, that is (also, check that movie. AWESOME.). I will alternate with some heavy grunge, however (and the occasional ’80s hairband as well as some (’80s) girl power pop and some ’00 alternative and the rare old French track and much, much more). After all, I’ve got a reputation to uphold, right? Check my profile. Haha, I fear I might have ruined said reputation a long time ago. Whatever. I love Shak & Piqué and wish them -and the baby, obviously- all the best. There you go. That was completely random, but it’s also what blogs are for. 🙂


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