Luxury is …

To love your siblings – That one piece of clothing/pair of shoes/handbag/make-up you’ve wanted forever but had to save up for – To feel loved – A cup of coffee on a cold day – To buy a book or CD as a reward for something – Mediterrean food – Your favorite car – To love your friends & family – To go see a movie you really really wanted to see (by yourself or with a friend) – To have the cutest niece in the world and be her godmother – A special brand of coffee you only drink on Sundays – To always have your favorite fruit – A nice notebook – Cool (sun)glasses – A stranger who smiles/says something nice and makes your day – To find a free spot on a crowded bus – A glass of wine – A blanket & the TV – Your favorite bottled water – Sweet fruit that tastes sunkissed

It will be extended. =]


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